Investigasi nasional kami telah mengungkap penderitaan luar biasa yang terjadi kepada jutaan anjing. Kami menemukan metode - metode penangkapan, pengangkutan dan pembantaian, dan juga sangat prihatin dengan risiko kesehatan manusia maupun hewan sehubungan dengan perdagangan daging anjing, termasuk penyebaran (transmisi) rabies.

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Pernyataan Posisi Koalisi Indonesia Bebas Daging Anjing Mengenai Perdagangan Daging Anjing

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Change For Animals Foundation, Jakarta Animal Aid Network Animal Friends Jogja, and Humane Society International are committed to working throughout Indonesia to tackle the dog meat trade, by working as a united force to maximise reach and impact. By supporting our local partners, our shared mission is to deliver holistic solutions to the people and government of Indonesia to secure an end in the trade in dogs for human consumption by ensuring public and political support for a ban.
Together, we will reach our ultimate goal – and dream – of ensuring lasting change from within, so that the dog meat trade can be banished to the history books of shame and illegality, and never again is a dog’s value measured on the weighing scales.
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