Indonesia’s Dog Meat Trade:

Cruel and Dangerous

Take action now by signing our global petition calling on the Indonesian government to ban the trade in and slaughtering of dogs, and consumption of dog meat throughout Indonesia

The Dog Meat Trade Causes:

Immense Animal Suffering

Once stolen or collected from the streets, the dogs are taken on a journey tightly packed into small cages with no food, water or rest. They are often sick and injured. They are all terrified…

Threat to Public Health and Safety

Unregulated movement of dogs spreads rabies. Rabies positive dogs are being moved to supply highly-populated cities that are often dog meat eating hot spots.

Only 7% of the population ever consumes dog meat but the trade threatens the health and safety of the whole country

Who We Are

We work to protect animal welfare and public health and safety

The Dog Meat Free Indonesia campaign is led by Change For Animals Foundation, Animal Friends Jogja, Humane Society International, Jakarta Animal Aid Network and FOUR PAWS.

Through public awareness campaigning and political lobbying, our united goal is to secure public and political opposition towards the dog meat trade throughout Indonesia. With proven experience and expertise in delivering effective public awareness campaigns, and in working in collaboration with local and central governments to pass and support the implementation of laws and regulations to end cruel practices and to strengthen animal protection legal provisions, we are well-positioned to tackle Indonesia’s cruel and dangerous dog meat trade.

The 24th and 25th February marked the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition’s days of action against the cruel dog and cat meat trades.

Join us in our calls for a dog-meat free Indonesia

Take action now by signing our global petition calling on the Indonesian government to ban the trade in and slaughtering of dogs, and consumption of dog meat throughout Indonesia

The Dog Meat Trade is cruel and dangerous, and it must stop!

Every year, an estimated 1 million dogs are brutally captured and transported throughout Indonesia, crammed into sacks and cages, their mouths bound shut so tightly they can hardly breathe. They are taken on long, grueling journeys to markets and slaughterhouses. For those who survive, they watch other dogs being brutally slaughtered while they wait their turn. The trade is cruel and dangerous, and it must stop!

There are growing concerns for animal welfare throughout Indonesia and there is increasing awareness that the trade is incompatible with efforts to control and eliminate rabies - a deadly disease that has a devastating impact on human and animal health.

People Deserve Better

  • Protection of their pets
  • Reduction in Rabies
  • More hygienic food

Throughout the world, dogs are Mankind’s most loyal companions, bringing us joy, cherished as "therapists" in schools and in hospitals and homes for the young and elderly, and serving in our police forces and armies. As pet ownership rises rapidly in Indonesia – and globally – it is a duty to ensure they are adequately protected from cruelty, and to be recognised – and respected – as companion animals.

Dogs Deserve Better

  • Protection from theft
  • Protection from suffering
  • Protection from a cruel death

News and Events

The Story of Cinta

General News

Cinta was brutally captured by dog meat traders in Sukabumi whilst our team was there conducting investigations. Cinta was destined to be sold to a dog slaughterhouse in Jakarta. But we just couldn’t leave her and had the opportunity to save her. “Cinta” means love in Bahasa and that is exactly what she represents to all of us… Here is her story…

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Ending Indonesia’s Dog and Cat Meat Trades: The Journey So Far

General News

Since launching the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition in November 2017, with your ongoing support, we have achieved so much for Indonesia’s dogs and cats caught up in the unimaginably cruel and brutal meat trades. After years of agonising investigations and the compilation of reports and data, we knew we had all the evidence and information we needed to end these horrors for good!

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On Indonesia’s “National Day of Heroes”, Hundreds Take to the Streets in Cities Throughout the Country to Join us in Our United Calls for A Dog And Cat Meat Free Indonesia!

General News

On the 10th November, which marks “National Hero Day” (“Hari Pahlawan”) in Indonesia, hundreds of Dog Meat Free Indonesia supporters took to the streets in the major cities of Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Malang and Semarang to be heroes for the victims of the country’s dog and cat meat trades, and to celebrate our 1 million plus signatures on our petition calling on the government for a nationwide ban on the dog and cat meat trades!

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