We have a chance to realise our dream of a Dog meat-Free Indonesia!

Show your support for a Presidential Regulation to ban the dog and cat meat trades nationwide!

Later this year, President-elect Prabowo Subianto will take office and we need to show him that the world is united in calling for a Dog Meat- Free Indonesia!

Make your voice heard for the dogs and cats caught up in Indonesia’s cruel meat trades by signing our global petition calling on President-elect Prabowo Subianto to make history by passing a Presidential Regulation to end the dog and cat meat trades when he takes office!

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Dear President-elect Prabowo Subianto,

Please pledge to pass a Presidential Regulation to ensure an immediate cessation to the dog and cat meat trades nationwide without delay.

I am deeply concerned about the millions of dogs and cats caught up in Indonesia’s brutal meat trades, and the resultant immense animal suffering, illegal activities and serious human and animal health risks.

Every year, millions of dogs and cats – including many stolen pets - are trafficked throughout Indonesia to supply markets, makeshift slaughterhouses and restaurants. Nationwide investigations have revealed the immense suffering caused to these dogs – crude and brutal methods of capture, transport and slaughter – and there are also growing concerns for the risks the dog meat trade poses to human health, including the transmission of deadly rabies. 

Despite only a minority of Indonesians ever consuming dog meat, the trade in dogs for consumption threatens the health of the entire nation. It is the only trade known to encourage the large-scale, illegal movement of dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status between regencies (and islands), disrupting attempts to achieve the vital canine herd immunity achieved through mass vaccination programs. For these reasons, the World Health Organization (WHO) has explicitly highlighted the trade in dogs for human consumption as a contributing factor to the spread of rabies in Indonesia. In fact, the dog meat trade poses an insurmountable hurdle to Indonesia achieving it’s pledge to eliminate rabies by 2030.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Opinion polls nationwide have revealed that 93% are in support of a ban, with just 5.4% having ever consumed dog meat and less than 1% cat meat.

Pet ownership is rising rapidly in Indonesia and with that comes a responsibility to provide adequate legislation to protect animals from cruelty. Around the world, dogs loyally assist us as therapists in hospitals and schools and serve with our armed forces and police to protect us. The dog meat trade is the ultimate betrayal of this special relationship.

Throughout Indonesia, the region, and the world, there is mounting vocal opposition towards these cruel trades and an ever-growing number of countries and territories are prohibiting the trade in and consumption of dogs and cats, on the grounds of human health risks, animal protection, dogs’ and cats’ special roles as companion animals, and international reputation. Furthermore, in Indonesia, nearly 60 regencies, cities and provinces have already taken action, passing perdas and Directives to tackle these trades in recognition of the harm they do.

In January 2024, the world celebrated the passing of South Korea’s groundbreaking Special Act banning the farming and slaughtering of dogs for meat, setting another landmark victory against the dog meat trades, showcasing change is possible with decisive action, and paving the way for others.

I urge you, as a renowned and compassionate leader, to now make sure Indonesia is the next country, without delay, to end these horrifically cruel and dangerous trades for good by passing a Presidential Regulation without delay when you take office.

This will safeguard millions of animals from cruelty, facilitate the elimination of the deadly rabies virus, and end rampant dangerous illegal activities. The world is eagerly awaiting, and such action will be met with national and global applause.

Animal cruelty is not a tourist attraction