Promoting the Protection of Jakarta’s Dogs

Promoting the Protection of Jakarta’s Dogs

Added on Saturday, 06 October 2018
From 2019, microchipping with be compulsory for all pet dogs throughout the capital city of Jakarta. All pet-owners and breeders will be obliged under new regulations to microchip dogs in their care, giving dogs an official and logged identity, encouraging responsible pet ownership, facilitating prosecution against anyone who mistreats their dogs, and discouraging dog thefts who operate to supply the cruel dog meat trade.

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The Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition was proud to sponsor the launch of this new regulation on the 6th October in Jakarta, an event that was attended by government officials from the Jakarta government and the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as Indonesian celebrities who had their dogs microchipped to help us raise awareness and participation city wide!

“In a country where thousands of dogs – many stolen pets – are traded and slaughtered for human consumption each year, the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition applauds the government of Jakarta for this progressive approach and is proud to support this event. By microchipping dogs, people are not only better-positioned to protect their dogs from the cruel and dangerous dog thieves, but this new regulation also gives dogs a real identity, reflecting the value our beloved companions deserve in our communities. Furthermore, by giving each dog an identity, the enforcement of laws to safeguard them from cruelty will be more effective” – Lola Webber, DMFI Representative.



In Bobby’s Honour

We found Bobby sitting in a wire cage in a busy dog meat market in North Sulawesi whilst we were conducting investigations in December 2017. He was surrounded by scenes from a horror movie, and the terror in his eyes was haunting. We knew we couldn’t leave him.

It breaks our heart that he left this world too soon, but he left having known love and with a name. And in his name, we will never give up until the dog and cat meat trades end throughout Indonesia.

Hero’s Story

The Dog Meat Free-Indonesia coalition spent many long and heartbreaking months investigating the inner-workings of the dog meat trade throughout Indonesia. As people who do what we do because we care so passionately about animals, doing investigations never gets any easier. It is soul-destroying and heart-breaking, but essential in documenting the reality of the trade so that we are best-positioned to fight it, and to ultimately realise our goal of ending the dog meat trade.

But we always save those we can…

On one particular day, we had the chance to save a dog who we named 'Hero'.

Change is coming in Indonesia and throughout Asia… Never before has the dog meat trade or the consumption of dog meat been questioned the way it is now. People are turning their backs on a trade and a practice that can no longer hide behind a defense of ‘culture’ or ‘tradition’.